The Domain Name Giveaway

Yes, I am so desperate for feedback regarding this comic that I am willing to pay for the registration of a new domain name. Below are the rules.


  1. This contest is for currently for the month of June of 2007. It may be offered again in the future, but right now it's only for this month.
  2. In order to be eligible, you must, of course successfully e-mail me through the e-mail address listed on the main page. I will not accept instant messages, posts on message boards, or any other means of communication as feedback for the terms of this contest.
  3. Please be aware that this contest does not invalidate the e-mail policy. The policy still stands.
  4. I will have to read and understand your entry for it to be eligible. If the e-mail has been successfully delivered, and I accidentally delete it, then it's not eligible. If your entry is in trinary, Esperanto, Klingon, or any other language other than English, it will not be accepted.
  5. The deadline for any entries is July 1, 2007. That means you must e-mail me before then, not on that date. I will then make the decision some time later.
  6. There will only be one winning entry, so make your words count.
  7. I am the sole judge of what will be considered the winning entry of this comic, and I am notorious for my illiogical decisions. This means there is no objective basis for what I will deem best. Please be aware, though, that I prefer feedback that is thorough, rather than obsequious flattery or flames.
  8. You are NOT limited to one entry per person or organization. Yes, you can "enter" as many times as you want. However, there no duplicate entries, plagiarized entries, or any other such trickery or spam.
  9. This contest is not a guarantee that the comic will update. If I do not update, that does not mean the contest is over. Don't let my carelessness cause you to forget that the there's a real reward. Alternatively, the fact that my comic updates does not mean that the contest is ongoing.
  10. If your entry wins, I will register a new, available domain name for up to five years through a domain name registrar of my choosing. I will pay for this, then I will give you access to the domain name. This means if you win, then you will have to give me a name, address, telephone number, and e-mail address (not my rules, sorry, but ICANN). Please don't give me obviously fake contact information. If you are uncomfortable with this, let me know by e-mail.
  11. If you have a domain name and provided it is not registered until June of 2012 or later, I can instead transfer it to the registrar of my choosing. It will be renewed with this registrar for the number of years you specify, up to five.
  12. If you don't want a domain name, then you are not guaranteed to receive anything in return for entering. That doesn't mean you can't give me feedback, but right now I don't have any alternate plans. I still urge you to e-mail me, though, as we may be able to work something out.
  13. Please keep in mind that this contest can be terminated any time. Believe me, if lawyers or other people get involved with this, then I will be financially unable to continue. So there are NO GUARANTEES that there will be a winner to this contest.
  14. These rules are subject to change at any time. After all, it's my contest. Check this page often.